Don’t believe everything you see on TV

That’s what I’ve been telling my son time and again whenever he’s asking for something he wants to buy. When you’re a child you tend to be impressionistic. But even adults still falls to the lure of the subliminal advertising. And we can’t blame them because they’re just doing their job.  Good thing there are… Continue reading Don’t believe everything you see on TV

Atomy Shares

How long does it last?

We would often hear dentist recommended ads on TV saying we should replace our toothbrush at a maximum of 6 months. But have you ever wondered why that was so? Well, I did when I was younger. And only thought about it recently with a few possible answers. It could be any of the reasons… Continue reading How long does it last?


The Goodness of HemoHim

Why HemoHim can say that this new product can boost your immune system? Because it is backed by researches published in PuBMed. To date, there are 11 published researches. You will find them in (National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) at the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) National Institute of Health (NIH). PubMed comprises… Continue reading The Goodness of HemoHim


New Opportunity Discovered -ATOMY

It is through my bestfriend’s bestfriend that I got to know this impressive company of what we now know as Atomy. To cut the story short, Rachel gave my email to Kai who is a Filipino married to a Taiwanese. Kai knew Jenny who is Korean and is married to a Taiwanese. Here’s Jenny’s message on how she learned about… Continue reading New Opportunity Discovered -ATOMY